7th June 2018

Dear residents,

The competition is entering its final stage, the public vote.

The competition is being run in line with the rules and guidelines of the UK Flag Institute and the final design will be added to the national flag registry. The final design will be flown in the village at major events and outside the Flag Institute one day a year.

 Stage 1: The competition

Entrants were informed that to become a national symbol for Penkhull the flag must:

·   honour our past and celebrate our present and future
·   have an emotional impact
·   have a simplicity of design and clarity of colour
·   be easily recognisable and distinctive
·   be designed to be flown, so identifiable when in movement and when at rest.
Over 100 entries were received from people of all ages. Some as sketches, some as just ideas, some as full pictures of Flags.

 Stage 2: The assessment

The national Vexillologists (Yes, that is the name for flag design experts) guided a local panel of the Rector of St Thomas Church, local City Councillor, a representative each from the two local schools, the Willows and Thistley Hough Academies, and three members of Penkhull Residents Association committee.

 All designs were reviewed.  A list of design points was derived from the entries and grouped into themes. A final set of design themes meeting the Flag institute design criteria that are graphically and symbolically distinct were developed from the entries.  Almost all those who entered a design will find one of their design points in the final four designs.

 The four final designs have been prepared from the original ideas sketches and pictures to the same high standards by the experts from the National Flag Institute.

 Stage 3: The public vote

 The competition is open to anyone with a link to Penkhull. So if you live or have lived here, you work or go to school here, or you are member of a group based here, you are eligible to vote.

Please vote either on the “Penkhull Flag Competition” Facebook page or by ballot box that will pop-up at events and places around the village. Voting will close on Sunday 24th June.

Dr Charles Pantin
Chairman of Penkhull Residents Association



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